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pictured above: Me & My Husband, Chris Hickman

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In Bunkie, LA there is a backyard that faces a small swamp, a beautiful one. There is a pero boat slightly filled with water and swamp moss gently hanging off the edges. If you've ever thought to paint something it is here looking out at the water. In spring, some flowers would grow in bushes around the waters edge. My grandmother, we call her Grin, would tell me to pick them gently because if not they would fall apart. We picked them right at the top where the flower blooms. Inside her nicely decorated and cozy home, Grin would take out her crystal, fill each crystal piece with water, and we would set our flowers in to float like lily pads. 









This is one of my fondest memories with Grin. She built a love for cooking only cajun meals, frying beignets made from biscuits at the lake, and playing slap jack until your hands hurt. At the heart of everything she did was selfless service. Grin served everyone around her in a way that hardly allowed you to notice because she was present and caring. The way she created spaces for people to enjoy time together inspires me to do the same with my florals.

So, it was only fitting that I use Grin's name, Estelle.  

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I am a lover of color, texture, and any materials that can be manipulated to create something new. Using creativity for home, events, and gifts is something I have always enjoyed exploring.

Working with my hands and with people always brings me so much joy.

 I hope through Evergreen Florals and Design there will be opportunities to bring others joy as well! Let's come up with some beautiful floral installs, elegant table arrangements, and  a styled bouquet for a special day.


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My heart for weddings is to help provide your dream and your vision with whatever budget you have. I love to help find creative ways to make your day perfect and blissful!

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corporate events

A corporate event can be many things and I hope to provide a service that will make it spectacular. There is nothing better than a floral install for a business celebration, launch, or philanthropy endeavor.

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Flowers are one thing that always brightens your day! Let me create arrangements that will brighten up your dinner parter, baby shower, engagement, and more.


florals & design